Can't decide between individual varieties? Then look at these preselected collections. They are combinations of iris varieties that we feel work together to create an excellent collection for your garden.


  • Pinks

    Delicate shades of Pink and Pastel blooms giving a soft, warm, and romantic feel to the garden.

  • White Garden

    For a timeless design that will work with both contemporary and traditional gardens. Creating a calm, serene, and elegant space by including only white blooms as part of your garden.

  • Best of British Iris

    These are Bearded Iris that have been introduced by British Hydridisers, the most famous being Cedric Morris with his 'Benton' Collection, and more recently Olga Wells in Kent and Barry Emmerson.

  • Florists favourites

    This is a collection of Bearded Iris we have found perform very well as a cut flower. With strong stems and well-spaced buds. 

    Cut the stem, at the base near the rhizome, when you see the first flower start to unfurl. 

    Display your iris out of direct sunlight and change the water every 3-4 days. Recut the stems if necessary and pinch off the wilted flowers as more blooms emerge lower down the stem.  

  • Pastels and Soft Tones

    These iris varieties give you a soft colour palette for the garden. Not everyone wants their iris to shout at them from the border ! 

  • Striking Two Tones

    These stunning iris blooms with striking colour contrasts that will stand out in your garden border.

    Known as Bicolour, where the standards and falls of two different colours.

    Variegata which tend to be yellow standards with red falls.

    Neglecta which have pale blue standards with deeper blue falls.

    Amoena flowers have coloured falls with white standards.

  • Bold Colours

    These are bold coloured iris flowers that will stand out in the garden border

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