MINIMUM ORDER: £10 (excl tax & shipping charges). 

Payment with order via PayPal or by credit/debit card. If payment is not received within 10 days your order will be cancelled.

A 10% charge (minimum £5) will be deducted from refunds on cancelled orders.

SHIPPING: If you have a preferred shipping date, please make this clear on your order instructions and specify a delivery date range. We will try our best to meet this request. Shipments are usually via Royal Mail.

Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is of course taken to protect the plants. 

We can not be held responsible for lost or missing orders. If you would like your delivery 'tracked' or insured please get in touch, but there will be additional costs.

Sadly we do not ship overseas. 

SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions will be made with like or better irises. Our substitutions will be as close to what you ordered as possible. In other words, if you order a white tall bearded re-blooming iris we will attempt to substitute with the same. If you do not wish to receive substitutions please state that in the comments section of your order. We will refund the cost of any iris not shipped and any difference in shipping charges. 

PLANT QUALITY: The garden is inspected and tested by APHA to ensure quality, disease-free plants. Our rhizomes are guaranteed true to varietal name and are healthy at the time of shipment. We cannot accept responsibility for growing or storage conditions over which we have no control, including the weather.