Many iris flower more than once a year. In addition to blooming in the Spring, the reblooming iris varieties bloom again in the Summer and Autumn. 

Remontant iris, commonly called re-bloomers, or re-blooming iris include several types within one category. 

"Cycle Re bloomers" may produce two or more flushes of blooms each year or produce a spring crop of flowers, then lie low during summer, and grow and flower again in the autumn. "Repeaters" produce new flowers soon after the first spring flush dies back, extending the bloom season from one to two months, and finally "All-season re-bloomers" produce flowers irregularly throughout the season.

Reblooming isn't guaranteed, being dependent on your location and climate. But don't give up, some varieties need to establish before they re-bloom well. 

Remontant irises have accelerated life cycles. They grow and flower faster than the one-timers so they need additional fertiliser and water. 

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